Saturday 13th & 27 August 2016, we are holding a Free Tennis Clinic, this time at Richwood Tennis Courts, Richwood Park (Opposite Gladys Polk School). Under 10s: 8.30 - 10.00a.m; Over 10 & Adults: 10.30a.m. - 12.00p.m.

Our aim with the Gulf Coast Tennis Association, is to make tennis available to everybody in the Gulf Coast! These clinics are there for you to take advantage of, come and see if Tennis is for you. To encourage younger children to play tennis, we have visited the USTA's Coaches Clinic in Houston, where they showed us different GAMES to play, that incorporate different positions, strokes, using slower balls, so that children look at the game as fun and want to continue to learn how to play grown-up tennis. Young children sometimes have not mastered the hand-eye co-ordination required in any "ball" sport and using the slower balls, encourages the younger players to react and hit that slower moving ball sooner than with conventional tennis ball. It is also red, a bright and cheerful colour that every child likes! It helps too that the racquets that the children hold - are children size, in other words, the racquet is held easily in their hands without the "head" of the racquet always falling down!

We have clinics for adults too, they are allowed to use the adult size racquets! We can also play games to make everyone happy with their progress.

Come out and participate. If you don't have much time, come out and watch for a few minutes, volunteer for 30 minutes, partake of the clinic for 30 minutes - Just come out and support our effort and see the joy you bring to others and the satisfaction to yourself, that you can play this game, no matter what size or age. Joan, the writer of this article, is 73 years old and has two replacements hips and cannot run, but she is out there trying to introduce the sport that has helped her, breakdown barriers when moving from one country to another and enabled her to make friends easier in these different lands.

Bring Water & Use Sunblock - We provide Racquets, Balls & Fun

See You on the Courts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lecciones De Tennis Gratuitas Para Prinicpiantes

Campos De Tenis en Richwood, Richwood Park. En frente de la Escula Gladys Polk.

Menores De 10 Anos:8.30a.m.-10a.m.

Mayores De 10 Anos Y Adultos: 10.30a.m. - 12.00p.m.