Bring Tennis Life (Back) to the Texas Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast Tennis Association is a non-profit organization, formed in March 2016, by a group of tennis players tired of having to drive Houston (or even further) to play in organized events.

Southern Brazoria County, 50 miles south of Houston, was once an active place for tennis, and the infrastructure for a vibrant tennis community still exists there.

What doesn't exist is organization.

And nearly every coastal-area city from Angleton, south, to Rockport has a small handful (sometimes just one or two) accomplished players who hang out on their (often neglected) local courts doing what they can to keep tennis alive in their area.

What these people don't have is regional support.

The GCTA is committed -- with support from the USTA-Texas -- to building organization and regional support for tennis players in this area. 

It's all just beginning!

We are starting with a list of more than 150 people who play tennis regularly and more than 150 open-to-the-public courts in the region (albeit, many are in sad state of repair). Our immediate goals are simple: we just want to host a few events in the summer and fall of 2016 and help tennis players in the area start talking to (and playing with!) one another. 

As tennis activity in the area increases, we'll start hosting bigger and better events and doing what we can to clean-up a bit. We'll start working with anyone who owns tennis courts -- private clubs, school districts, cities, etc -- helping them keep their courts in good repair and assuring they stay busy with camps, tournaments, lessons, leagues, and even just folks getting out to hit the ball around with friends. 

The Ultimate Vision

Eventually, our goal is to establish a full-service regional tennis center -- complete with a least a dozen courts, a pro-shop, and a staff of pros and organizers -- as our headquarters. This place would host events of its own, of course, but it would also oversee all the tennis activity in the region, assuring that all courts throughout the area are well maintained and used.  We are leaving the definition of "eventually" entirely to God's timing.

Who's behind all this

The GCTA is led, officially, by our three directors whose names are on the paperwork we have filed with the State of Texas and the Federal IRS: Don Cudd, Joan Houken, and James Weaver. But there are many others who have expressed interest in being on our board and have been working in other capacities. In the coming weeks, we will be calling for more volunteer leaders and officially electing a board with officers. For now, Don has been acting as the unofficial president and Joan is our unofficial secretary. Additionally Lisa Meyers is our unofficial treasurer.  James Weaver has been organizing our Tuesday play nights and doing a lot of free coaching to get us going this summer. He is offering us his fantastic advisory services as a long-time promoter of tennis in our region and a former tennis coach at Brazoswood High School -- where he still teaches science and informally coaches the school's tennis players. Others who have contributed significantly to our start-up this summer include Pat Brown a long-time local pro, Andrew Pieriussi, Nancee Smith and, well, if we keep naming names we're surely going to ruffle a feather or two by leaving someone out. Suffice it to say, dozens of local tennis players have been actively involved in the making of this group. 

This page, of course, will have updates as new people assume leadership roles in the GCTA and we invite anyone with an interest to come to our (haphazard-but-frequently scheduled) meetings to help us plan some Summer of 2016 events.  When possible, news of those meetings will be posted in the Gulf Coast Tennis News section of this site, but, for best results we suggest you just contact Don to let him know you're interested in getting involved. (We'll have more biographical information all our leaders as we grow, and we'll eventually have professional looking @gulfcoasttennisassociation email addresses for everyone as well. Your patience as we grow is much appreciated. :))

Please help us spread the news!

Whether it be via Facebook, Twitter, email, or just that good ole' trusty telephone, please tell your tennis-playing friends that we are starting something cool. This site, and our Facebook group,  will be your main sources for information about all our tennis events we have scheduled coming up, and both sites are also a great way to get (and stay) with other tennis people in your area. Please help us spread the news!